Arrhythmia Recognition: The Art of Interpretation
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Welcome to the web site for Arrhythmia Recognition: The Art of Interpretation.

This site gives you many valuable tools to enhance learning:

  • Click on "Practice Rhythm Strips" to view practice rhythm strips and explanations of how to interpret them.
  • Take a quiz to test your rhythm strip interpretation skills by clicking on "Rhythm Strip Quiz".
  • Choose "Terminology Flashcards" to test your knowledge of arrhythmia vocabulary.
  • Look up vocabulary terms in our "Interactive Glossary". You can search by term, letter, or chapter.
  • Use "Web Links" as a resource for further online arrhythmia information - includes over 60 sites organized into six major topics.

Together, your book and this site help you become a master of arrhythmia interpretation.

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